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Koncepto Planeta lidí

Travel the world that is irresistibly disappearing!

For such an ambitious project as this encyclopedia of tribes and indigenous ethnic groups of the whole world is, we created logo design, visual style and a new website and we were thrilled from the very beginning when the client explained his intention.

Koncepto, graphic design studio – Skupina ČTYŘ

On the first glance simple assignment often hides unexpected complications. See how our designer solved the design of the new company's visual style.

Livingstone - Koncepto, marketing & design

After redesigning the entire catalog's graphic style in the last year, its release for the 2019 season saw some missing details. We believe that tours will be sold very easy.

Koncepto, marketingová agentura a grafické studio

When the client ordered a new set of his business cards and leaflets, he was far from knowing that our graphic designers would put him in front of an interesting concept of a visual style that pushed Consilia's graphic presentation forward.

Video Clip – Office Park Brno - Koncepto, marketing & design

In June, the spring campaign for redesigned website culminated. For purposes of this campaing was created an universal video clip, which was applicated both in the web site same as in facebook and linkend-in.