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Marketing, graphic design, web design,  SEO a PPC, production - Koncepto, marketing agency and graphic studio

The OEAV.CZ office has been representing the Austrian Alpine Association Alpenverein in the Czech Republic since 1998. In 2019, more than 9,000 people used the services related to membership and insurance.

Koncepto provides a complete marketing service, including the design and implementation of a marketing and business strategy, with which in 2011 we remade the stagnant turnover and overall position of the company on the market. A unique selling point is the large number of benefits and discounts that members can use as part of the annual membership fee.

The services provided on an ongoing basis include: strategy, branding, design, content, social media, e-mailing, PPC.

Cooperation since 01/05/2010 until now.

V-tour | Koncepto, marketing agency and graphic studio

The outdoor travel agency V-tour is one of the oldest tour operators for active holidays in the Czech Republic. It has been offering sports and outdoor holidays since 1991!

Michael Pokorný has been actively involved in the business and marketing concept of CK V-tour since 2010, so it was a logical step to entrust graphic work to our designers.

We also cooperate as a supervisor of PPC campaigns, e-mailing and other marketing channels.

Cooperation since 01/12/2013 until now.

Livingstone Travel agency I Koncepto, marketing agency and graphic studio

On the Czech market, CK Livingstone occupies a leading position in the offer of non-European destinations. The company's philosophy goes completely beyond standard travel agencies, the marketing strategy is completely original. In addition to attractive tours, the brand is also supported by spectacular exhibition projects, travel festivals and a number of activities associated with the name of the traveler Ruda Švaříček.

Cooperation since 01/12/2013 until now.

Marketing a reklamní grafika Koncepto, marketingová agentura a grafické studio

Newly opened Wine gallery expanded services of guesthouse and restaurant Onyx in Lednice. Before the start of summer season it was necessary to introduce it to the visitors arriving at the central parking lot and restaurant guests. Simultaneously, the client did not have a uniform visual style or logo manual to represent the Wine Gallery. Advertising media as well as website were “living its own life”.

Marketing, reklamní grafika, webdesign,  SEO a PPC, produkce - Koncepto, marketingová agentura a grafické studio

Since 1998, the OEAV.CZ company has been a direct representative of the Austrian alpine club Alpenverein, the section Edelweiss Vienna. The company provides full support for members of Alpenverein registered in Czech Republic, it means for more than 8 000 customers.

Our agency provides complete marketing service including design (and realization) of marketing and business strategy.

A unique selling argument is the large amount of benefits and discounts included in annual membership fee.

Martin Kučera řeznické potřeby | Koncepto, marketingová agentura a grafické studio

Kučera – řeznické potřeby is a company that, since its establishment in 2004, has become a leading supplier of tools and other accesories for meat and other food processing in the Czech Republic.
The main assets include exceptional emphasis on the quality of distributed goods, long-term cooperation with top manufacturers, a permanent sales team, regular participation in demonstration events.